vlog: On Being 23 Years Of Age

“I, now 23 years of age old begin. Hoping to cease not till death”

With a few lines before that, this is how I start 23 (the age, as well as the project I talk about in the vlog) and it’s a seamless thread that runs from the declaration I made last year @ age 22 in the poem, Unmask.

I am alive… I am here for a reason and my lungs won’t cease not even for a minute…until I’m done. Did you know, that I am not done?

I really don’t feel like writing that much, so with that being said, I’ll let the vlog do the talking. I might do more of this format in subsequent posts.

While there are links in the video description, it’ll do good if you click the link to read a post like this which I wrote last year to start off my 22nd year, HERE 

As far as music goes (which I still try to include as the final thing on my posts), my theme music for this year will be Jimmy Eat World’s 23.

Go figure…

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