For anyone who feels far from their dreams

…or as if it will never happen for you, here is an encouragement:

History is FULL of people who overcame great odds to walk in their ordained destiny! People who lived the impossible. We are still benefiting from their resilience, and every day the word impossible becomes smaller and smaller. For nothing is impossible!

Spend time around people who empower, encourage and challenge you. Read about and watch videos of people who are living their dreams- especially if it’s similar to yours. Find people in your community who think big and dream bigger! People who challenge the status quo. Their lives will inspire you and uplift you. You won’t have to look far. I ATTACH myself to people who are following their dreams and making a positive impact in the world. I feast on testimonies, miracles, positivity, optimism and encouragement.

You are not ordinary. No, you are EXTRAORDINARY- made to walk on water! A beloved child of LIGHT. Every single person was created out of the overflow of LOVE!

written by, and shared with permission from, Sade Champagne.

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