About: Author

The author of the blog, Ayokunle Falomo, is a/an :

Nigerian. poet – whose pen is a shovel to unearth those things that make us human. lover: of almonds. the color blue. hymns. grapes. conversations. and turkey bacon. TEDx speaker. author of the collection of poems titled “thread, this wordweaver must!”. dreamer. American.

A kid in a 20-something year old body, he’s still as easily enthralled by the art and joy of creating as he was when he was six. He enjoys walking. And in real life, talks to and about himself (in third person). a lot!

I write on the blog (about possibilities, the exploration of core values, fear and failure as fuel for success, vulnerability, etc.) for dreamers like myself who experience a cognitive dissonance between dreaming – which, contrary to popular belief, is hard work – and the actions necessary to bring those dreams to realization.

So, join me as we pull apart these hurdles together in order to create for ourselves a future we want in our personal as well as professional lives.

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